Below you can find the list of hotels at special rates for ICTCS '09.
You should contact the hotel directly and mention ICTCS '09 and/or Politecnico.
It is recommended that the reservations be made as early as possible (several events take place in Cremona in September)

Hotel delle Arti (****),, +39 0372 23131,, (rooms have been reserved until 31st July)
Hotel Astoria (***),, +39 0372 461616,
Hotel Ibis (***),, +39 0372 452222, (best rates are available booking online until 7th September)
Hotel Visconti (**),, +39 0372 431891,, (if you book a room from 7th August to 7th September, please do it by e-mail, the owners are on holiday)

Cheaper accommodations:
Agriturismo Cascina Nuova,, +39 0372 460433,, (rooms and apartaments, some bycicles are available for guests)
Palazzo Cattaneo,, +39 06 8078357,, (guest rooms with three-four beds)